Shivkalatil durg wa durgvyavastha – शिवकालातील दुर्ग व दुर्ग व्यवस्था

Shivkalatil durg wa durgvyavastha book propagates the forts and the various untouched facts about forts during the Shivaji era. It was due to shivaji Maharaj that many military points were introduced with the forts on regional basis.
Author Mahesh Tendulkar explains the references of the chronicles which he has taken to depict aspects of Shivajis forts and other forts in his era, how the fort were planned out, their features, places, the caretakers of any particular fort, their tenure, manner of working, army control of the authorities, names changed by Shivaji Maharaj of existing forts and tactical behaviour with the enemy. Brief account of the carved sculptures on the fort entrance is also given in this book.

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शिवकालातील गडांची रचना व त्यांची व्यवस्था, अधिकारीवर्ग, वेगवेगळ्या साहित्यातून सांगितलेली दुर्गव्यवस्था, गडांवरील देवीदेवता, द्वारशिल्पे असे वर्णन लेखक महेश तेंडूलकर यांनी या पुस्तकात केलेले आहे.

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