Book authors are listed in this page.
We respect all Authors, but we believe that finding name of Author is simple without salutations. Hence we are not using salutations like Mr./ Mrs./ Miss./ Smt./Dr. before name of Authors.

Gopal Chandorkar

Author Gopal Chandorkar.

Nandkumar Yewale

Author Nandkumar Yewale

R.C. Dhere

Author R. C. Dhere

Kaka Vidhate

Autor Kaka Vidhate

Mahesh Tendulkar

Author Mahesh Mangesh Tendulkar

Aditya Phadke

Author Aditya Phadke

Sanjay Sonawani

Author Sanjay Sonawani

G. N. Dandekar

Author Go. Ni. Dandekar