Maitra Jivache – मैत्र जीवाचे

Just with observation of the living style of birds or animals we get engrossed in it and develop a sense of attachment as a part of humanity. Our pet cat or dog is also considered as a family member. Likewise we considered bird with its nest in our surroundings, and observing its routine, we get attached to it. Such are the experiences of the companionship of few birds and wild animals, through which we develop sensitiveness within ourselves. While narrating the stories author also mentions the scientific information lifestyle and characteristics of various birds and animals in this Maitra Jivache book. Author dr. Satish Pande also advocates the balance of natural surroundings, springs, plants, trees, climate needs to be maintained as we are all dependent on it.

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डॉ. सतीश पांडे यांनी मैत्र जिवाचे या पुस्तकात वैज्ञानिक माहिती जीवनशैली आणि विविध पक्षी व प्राण्यांच्या वैशिष्ट्यांची माहिती दिलेली आहे. लेखकाने नैसर्गिक वातावरण, झरे, झाडे, झाडे, हवामान यांचा समतोल राखण्यासाठीही पक्षी कसे आवश्यक आहेत हे सांगितले आहे.

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