Harappan Potteries

This book Harappan Potteries is edited by D.P Sharma, which describes different Harappan Potteries.

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This book Harappan Potteries is edited by D.P Sharma. The early Harappan pottery of c.3500-2800 B.C. of various types has been discovered from Nal, Kot-Diji, Damb Sadaat, Ravi ware from Harappa, Sothi-Siswal and Hakara. Mature Harappan potteries c.2700-1900 B.C. are red, buff, black on red, Micacious red, grey painted, black on red. Bara thin red ware, cream slipped. Black and red, lustrus slip, reserved slip and dull red ware. Harappan typical shape is dish on stand, goblet, jar, baker, tumbler and perforated jar etc. The Mature Harappan decorative motifs are checker board, horn, comb, sun, rosette plant, animal and fish scale. The Early Harappan Faiz Mohammad Gray ware is different in Fabric with Mature Harappan grey ware and reserved slip ware is West Asian import item.

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