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Rajkosh – राजकोष

शिवाजी महाराजांच्या आज्ञेनुसार धुंडिराज व्यास यांनी राजकोष लिहिला. दैनंदिन राज्यकारभारातील संज्ञा यात दिलेल्या आहेत.

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As a source of inspiration from Shivaji Maharaj, this Rajkosh is compiled by Dhundiraj Vyas. Rajkosh refers to the royal reference book of the daily administrative affairs which are usually in Urdu and Farsi, converted into Sanskrit for understanding and simplicity. In 1678, for compiling and the purpose of maintaining the progress of state affairs, Shivaji Maharaj intended to prepare it in Sanskrit. Author has written the preface in the initial 58 pages specifying the meaning of Rajkosh, its purpose, some questions & their explanatory answers giving the detailed references. Brief introduction is given about the compilation and the distribution of the topics in 10 different parts like Rajvarga consists of Kings, Princes, Queens and princesses. These 58 pages have the Sanskrit form of actual administration of the kingdom. Also it follows with its translation in Marathi for easy understanding. The rest of classes of Rajkosh are given and explained as KaryasthanVarga, BhogVarga, ShastraVarga, SamantVarga, DurgaVarga, LekhanVarga, JanpadVarga, ChanturangVarga, PanyaVarga. Subsequently author mentions a glossary of nearly 100 pages which reflects the original Farsi/Urdu word, its synonymous Sanskrit word and its meaning in Marathi, which makes the use easy. People studying in related topics will be definitely helped through taking the reference from this book having Farsi, Sanskrit and Urdu words. Complied by A. D. Marathe.

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